Paul Enright, Dipl. Acup.


Over the years I have treated many people successfully with fibromyalgia. Fibro is more complicated than most pain disorders and the patient must be willing to work with me regarding finding the right treatment or treatments that work for that individual. Because the pain moves around so much this can be difficult.

Typically I like to focus on either the upper body (neck and arms) or lower body (low back and legs). There are also some very good points for overall pain and blood circulation that work for many after the initial few treatments. I often use this qi and blood moving treatment as a maintenance for my fibro patients.

I have also developed a very successful treatment for treating the "fibro fog" as my patients refer to it. This treatment helps with the forgetfulness, lack of focus and scattered feeling that many fibro patients experience.

If you respond well to the acupuncture treatments, many fibro patients are able to decrease or possibly even eliminate some of the medications they typically prescribe for fibro including Lyrica, pain meds and anti-depressants.