Paul Enright, Dipl. Acup.

Oncology patients

Over the years acupuncture has gained a positive reputation in the treatment of side effects from chemo and radiation treatments. In fact many oncology centers aroung the world now employ acupuncturists for this very reason. I recently completed a course at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, one of the leading oncology centers in the US entitled "Acupuncture for the Oncology Patient" that reviewed much of the scientific research regarding this subject.

Acupuncture can definitely help with such side effects as nausea, vomitting, neuropathy, pain relief, boosting white and red blood cell counts, fatigue and anxiety. At Memorial Hospital in South Bend we offer 3 free acupuncture treatments to anyone going through cancer treatments there. If you are not receiving treatment through Memorial I can see you at my home in Edwardsburg, MI or I can make a house call.

Don't wait til the symptoms get severe. The sooner we get started with the acupuncture to minimize the symptoms, the better the results.