Paul Enright, Dipl. Acup.


Chronic plantar fasciitis: I suffered with this condition for 3 years. First step out of bed in the morning was excruciatingly painful, with burning and tearing in my heel. This also occurred after being sedentary for a while and rising to get up and walk. As an avid walker for exercise, I was unable to continue because of the next day result. It was crippling.


I sought treatment from my podiatrist. He recommended rest, activity modification, ice massage, oral analgesics, physical therapy, orthotics, corticosteroid injections, night splinting and stretching techniques, all of which I tried over a period of three years.   Toward the end of my treatment with the podiatrist, the corticosteroid injections only worked for a few weeks and I was back to where I started. The heel pain persisted and the next recommendation was surgery.


I searched for other options to surgery and came across an article on acupuncture. I came to Paul and within 12 treatments, my plantar fasciitis was gone!  It has been 2 years and I have not had a recurrence.


I would urge anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis to give acupuncture a consideration as it has helped me return to a full and active life without the constant, aggravating pain.


Cheryl Stewart



For years, I've struggled with banging sinus headaches every time the weather takes even a slight shift. I've self-treated with netty pots and a variety of over-the-counter drugs, to no avail. When Paul shared that he has seen good results on sinuses, I gave it a shot, just to see if it might help a little.

The immediate relief I experienced after my first treatment has only been surpassed by the ongoing solution afforded by the acupuncture treatments. In a year when people who never suffer from allergies and sinuses are being plagued. I've found that my headaches have been greatly reduced in intensity and frequency. When/if it starts to kick in, I just schedule a few treatments and I'm back on course. What a relief!

I also periodically suffer from anxiety that many women find accompanies menopause. The combination of herbal remedies and acupuncture treatments Paul provides has lessened the problem considerably, and I am consistenly surprised at how relaxed I am after each treatment. Some might think it's psychosomatic, but, regardless, I so appreciate the relief I experience from the concern and care I receive from Paul.

Lin from South Bend



I am a three-time Olympic athlete in Track & Field, and have been receiving regular acupuncture treatments at the Midwest College for Oriental Medicine for many years. Initially, my visits were for an acute knee strain so severe that orthopedic surgeons suggested surgery. I am totally convinced that acupuncture saved my athletic career. Surgery proved to be unnecessary with 10 consecutive acupuncture treatments! Now I use acupuncture to recover from intense training sessions.

In 1996 I was fortunate to have Paul Enright take an interest in my athletics. He is both intelligent and confident in diagnosing my conditions and also prepares a treatment plan that works! I have seen him perform "healing miracles' on me with the use of acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, moxa, plumb blossom, guasha, massage and Chinese herbal therapy. Paul is patient and listens to the full explanation of my condition. He asks questions that are important in getting to the core of the problem and I fee this attention to detail contributes to his success.

Paul truly has a healing gift. His dedication to acupuncture and motivaation in helping people to overcome their health challenges is incredible. I can say with my whole heart that he is an especially talented person with tremendous knowledge of acupuncture and has the skill to create miracles!

Debbie Lawrence, US Olympian Racewalker 1992, 1996, 2000



After being treated by a pain doctor for several months and having completed as much physical therapy as they could do to help me, I overcame my apprehensions regarding acupuncture and scheduled an appointment with Paul Enright. He is a kind and compassionate man who listened to me and outlined a treatment plan for me. Although it took longer than I thought it would for the pain to start to go away, I stayed with it and after about 3 weeks I started to notice a difference. After 6 weeks of treatment I now feel better than I have for over a year. I will stay with Paul as long as he thinks he can help me. I would and have recommended him to my friends and family. Thank you Paul!

Linda from Kalamazoo



Acupuncture changed my life.  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2004.
I was prescribed some very strong NSAID medications and an anti-
depressant.  In late summer of 2008, I started acupuncture treatments
with Paul Enright.  After the 3rd or 4th session, I began noticing the
difference.  After the initial series of treatments, I started getting
treatments every two weeks.  The Fibro fog and the pain decreased.
I was able to get off the strong medications and the anti-depressant.
I still get treatments every two weeks.  Because of the nature of
Fibro, symptoms come and go, but for me, acupuncture keeps them in

Carol from South Bend



I have fibromyalgia and the acupuncture has helped with the pain and fatigue. It improves my mood and helps me enjoy things more.

Janet from Osceola